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ECPA 2014 Christian Book Award Finalist!
What if you had a trusted friend to guide you through God�s Word every day? Whether you want a fast overview of the grand story of the Bible or a deeper exploration of the riches of Scripture, The Wayfinding Bible is that guide.

With an innovative, full-color visual guide at the top of each reading, The Wayfinding Bible provides you with three paths through God�s Word: the Fly-Over Route, the Direct Route, and the Scenic Route. Following the Fly-Over Route, you�ll cover the most important events in the Bible in just 40 readings, giving you a fresh overview of how these events tell the story of God�s redemption. Following the Direct Route�s 200 readings, you�ll develop a better understanding of how God�s story develops through history. Following the Scenic Route, you�ll explore new territory while discovering a richness and depth in God�s Word that you�ve not seen before. All without the discouragement of getting bogged down in any single book.

Whether you are encountering the Bible for the first time or simply looking for a new journey through Scripture, you will always know where you are and where you�re going in God�s Word. Just choose your route, and prepare yourself for life-changing experiences with God.
Special features:

Getting Your Bearings: These 8 two-page articles occur at major turning points of Scripture and help the reader stay on track
Side Trips: Explore a known concept in greater depth or read about a topic for the first time
Scenic Overlooks: Stunning visuals including maps, photos, infographics, and charts that aid in understanding the Bible text

The Wayfinding Bible uses the clear and understandable New Living Translation text.