Prefilled Juice/Wafer Communion Cups

by Broadman & Holman
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This innovative package of wine and host together is a creative way to streamline communion so your parishioners aren’t waiting too long for their turn as ushers pass around the trays.
These fellowship cups are cleverly designed to fit in standard communion trays and come with a dual seal that protects both the wafer and the juice from contamination. These are the ideal way to bring communion to shut-ins as well, since the sealed cups travel beautifully and provide and authentic experience for those who can’t make it to regular services.
The seal of Fellowship Cups are decorated in Lenten and Advent purple. The top seal is clear and features deep purple crosses in a repeating pattern, while the seal between the unleavened wafer and grape juice is a solid pale purple that creates a dual layer of good looks on this innovative product.

• The Fellowship Cup™ contains 100% Grape Juice and Unleavened Wafer
• Ready to Serve
• No Refrigeration Needed
• Easy Access to Elements
• “One Pass” Serving

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