Will & Baumer Baptismal Candle: My Baptism - 7/8" x 10" Taper PLUS Gift Box

by Will & Baumer
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Will & Baumer candles are a wonderful gift to offer parents when their babies or children are baptized into the church. This beautiful Will & Baumer baptismal candle is a 7/8” by 10” taper made of 100% paraffin wax that includes a special keepsake box. In blue, gold and red, this unique baptismal candle includes three key symbols of faith. At the top of the candle is the most recognizable Christian symbol, the cross. In addition to the cross, this candle includes symbols of a baptismal font and flowing holy water. These symbols combined represent Christian baptism beautifully.

The baptismal candle is used in baptism services, and then can be presented to the family as a lovely keepsake. The keepsake box includes an area to log the commemorative information about the individual’s baptism. This beautiful candle and gift box will be a meaningful gift for the baptized individual and his/her family to treasure for years to come. Churches can gift the family with this unique Will & Baumer baptismal candle during a baptismal ceremony making lasting memories reflective of an important step in one’s faith journey. 

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