Blessed Church

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In The Blessed Church, Pastor Morris of Gateway Church explores how a church can be fast-growing and spiritually-enriching�and still healthy. With the powerful stories, candor, and humor he�s known for, Morris shows how every component of your church�including mission, government, teaching, worship, small groups, giving, and outreach�can receive God�s richest blessings.

Written for both church leaders and laypeople, The Blessed Church explores the vision and other qualities that make church �work��regardless of size--in the twenty-first century.

Blessed Church Action Plan
New! A Guide to Effective Church Leadership Retreats

�The Blessed Church is a must-read for anyone wanting to know how to build a church that God will bless.� --Jimmy Evans, senior elder of Trinity Fellowship Church and CEO of MarriageToday

�Our world desperately needs healthy, vibrant churches�If you want a growing vitality in your church, you will profit from every page of The Blessed Church.��Chris Hodges, senior pastor, Church of the Highlands