Audio CD-God Cares For U-Bless The Little Children

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Faith, Family and Fun is the theme of GOD CARES FOR U- BLESS THE LITTLE CHILDREN, the next edition of the popular GOD CARES FOR U compilation series. God Cares For U - Bless The Little Children features gospel music luminaries such as Anthony Brown and group therAPy, Damita, The Rance Allen Group and others. This compilation album blends music of faith and provides songs that will unify the family. For the fun side, God Cares For U - Bless The Little Children includes songs from Tyscot's Gospel Kids series. The Gospel Kids songs offer the opportunity for parents and children to learn each track together in the joy of Faith, Family and Fun. To learn each Gospel Kids tune, the album also includes unique additional split-track versions of each Gospel Kids song whereby a pan to the right gives you only the vocals to learn the lyrics, and a pan to the left gives you just eh music to sing as a family. This compilation truly illustrates that God cares for you, while emphasizing His desire for you to bless the little children with faith, the example of family and the enjoyment of fun!