Audio CD-Friends With God Sing-Along Songs

by ChurchOyster
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Dance and sing to some of God's friends' favorite tunes!

These sing-along songs are just what we imagined God's friends would've walked around singing�and now you can, too! These catchy tunes are sure to get you movin'�just pop it in and sing your heart out!

Includes these 12 sing-your-heart-out songs:
� Made for This�inspired by Adam and Eve
� You Forgive Me�inspired by Noah
� We Can Trust Him (Psalm 33:4)�inspired by Abram
� You, You, You�inspired by Joseph
� God Is for Me�inspired by David
� Doxology�inspired by Job
� My Hope Is in the Lord�inspired by Daniel
� Light of the World�inspired by Jesus
� I Have Decided to Follow Jesus�inspired by the disciples
� Power Shuffle�inspired by Christians everywhere
� This Little Light of Mine�inspired by Paul
� It Is Well With My Soul�inspired by John
The Friends With God Sing-Along Songs CD is the perfect companion to the Friends With God Story Bible�which helps kids bring the stories of God�s friends ALIVE!