A Verse To Live By

by ChurchOyster
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"I make no claims to being a theologian, but charge me with being a lover of the Bible and I plead guilty. Profound yet simple, subtle but supernatural, it is always able to surprise us and reveal its truth in new ways. A fathomless source of wisdom, comfort, direction and example ... it is the most valuable book in the world!" The Bible speaks today into the issues of our lives as loudly as it ever has, spanning love, integrity, humility, justice, peace, compassion, grief, life's storms, financial advice and everything in between. Author David Shearman brings decades of reading God's Word alongside wisdom and experience in 52 devotional studies. Each wraps itself around a scripture that is close to his heart and part of who he is - every verse a truth we can build our lives upon.

These devotionals will refresh your spiritual life and give you a bigger vision of what God desires to do in and through you. The author's prayer is that you would be inspired to become more like Jesus.