7 Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible

by ChurchOyster
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Can you trust the Bible? Many answer this question with a staunch "No!" Critics increasingly attempt to poke holes in the authority of Scripture and deflate faith among believers. But ask Dr. Erwin Lutzer if you can trust the Bible and he''ll give a resounding "Yes!"In this revised and expanded edition of his top-selling Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible, Dr. Lutzer offers seven foundational arguments for the reliability of Scripture. In clear, easy-to-follow language, he explores:The Logical Claims of the Bible The Historical Reliability of the Bible The Prophetic Predictions of the Bible The Authority of Christ The Story of Creation The Role of God''s Providence in Creating the Bible The Power of God''s Word in Your LifeExamine the evidence and let your confidence in God''s Word increase.