7 Habits Of A Visitor Friendly Church (4 Cds + Workbook)

by ChurchOyster
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?Guests form most of their opinions about your church within thirty seconds of entering the front door-and that impression will stick with them until they return-if they ever do. While being friendly accounts for 20% of a church's effectiveness in welcoming guests, the other 80% comes from well-designed systems. The 7 Habits of a Visitor-Friendly Church audio seminar will help you develop habits and a proven system to effectively attract, welcome, and follow up guests so they will stay in your church.

You will learn how to:
� incorporate guests into the life of your church
� make evangelism the natural purpose of the church
� see your church through the eyes of your guests
� make people say good things about your church
� implement a values-led assimilation strategy
� influence people to come to your church
� select the best curriculum for your newcomer's class
� and more.

Includes: 4 CDs of the seminar and 1 reproducible seminar workbook.