52 Weeks Through The Bible-Softcover

by ChurchOyster
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Have you ever wondered how the Bible fits together as a whole? How do its key events, people, and stories, spanning thousands of years, play a role in God''s overall plan? In 52 Weeks Through the Bible, pastor and author James Merritt shares what he''s learned from a lifetime of studying the Bible. As you journey together, he''ll explain important events such as the Passover, the Exodus, the Fall of Jerusalem, and God''s coming restoration. You''ll gain fresh insights on the stories of people like Ruth, Jonah, Daniel, David, and Paul, and come to better understand the key passages in the Bible and how they fit together. You''ll also gain fuller insight on Christ Himself and what He came to accomplish. As you study the overall structure of the biblical narrative, from Creation through Revelation, you''ll walk away with a big-picture understanding of God''s amazing plan of redemption.