40 Questions About Church Membership And Discipline

by ChurchOyster
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Addresses forty of the most common and thorny questions about church life

Does church membership mean more than simply joining a social group? Does the church have a responsibility to discipline its members�and if so, what does that look like? Recognizing the many puzzling questions about the critical role of the church in the life of believers, Jeremy Kimble addresses forty key points.

Each section considers questions of theology, ministry, and practicality, such as:
� Is there a New Testament precedent for membership?
� How does membership relate to baptism and communion?
� Who should become a member? discipline?

Like the other volumes in the 40 Questions & Answers Series, this book raises�and clearly answers�the most common and difficult questions that church leaders and members have. With succinct chapters, this is an eminently practical resource for any church leader, elder board, or new member seeking a foundational understanding of how the church should function.