30 Life Principles Bible Study

by ChurchOyster
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God has given us hundreds of life principles in His Word to help us become everything He designed us to be. These are the tenets of the faith that have been tried and proven throughout history. These truths from the Bible have never failed and will never disappoint, and God has promised that if we follow His commands, He will bless our obedience.
During his many years of ministry, Dr. Charles Stanley has faithfully highlighted 30 of these life principles that have guided him and helped him to grow in his knowledge, service, and love of God. This 30 Life Principles Workbook will help you make these principles part of your everyday life so you can grow in your relationship with Jesus. By following these life principles, believers will be on the road to the life that God designed for them.

This workbook is designed as a 90-day Bible study for putting the life principles into action and is intended both for individual use and for study in a group setting.