30 Days To Taming Worry And Anxiety

by ChurchOyster
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Do You Long for Peace of Mind?You know there''s no way to avoid worry and anxiety. They are a natural consequence of your busy world. You''re doing the best you can to cope, but the problems don''t go away. Are you ready to find a better way to deal with the stress in your life?Deborah Pegues has been where you are and wants to share what she''s learned to help you deal with your negative emotions. In 30 days, you will discover how to gain control by accurately identifying your stressors (and dealing with them)achieve clarity by improving your sleep, diet, and exercise routineprevent unnecessary angst by managing your time and money more wiselyembrace joy by living in the present, laughing more, and staying positivefind true contentment by establishing a foundation built on God''s WordPacked with practical insights, encouragement, and inspiration from Scripture verses, this book will help you respond effectively to worry and anxiety so you can be a happier person.