13 Essential Lessons From The Old Testament

by ChurchOyster
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Bring the Old Testament to life for students in a fresh way that ignites their passion for Jesus.   Help your junior high and high school students see how the entire Bible works together to create a perfect picture of God’s loving character and his plan for redemption. They’ll be on the edge of their seats as their eyes are opened to truths they’ve yet to discover. These 13 intentionally selected lessons build anticipation for Jesus’ impending arrival through surprising stories packed with valuable wisdom. All 13 lessons include… • Brief overviews designed to help you prepare • Primary and secondary Scripture references • Open-ended questions for authentic discussions • Objectives to help drive home what, why, and how • Flexible guidelines with opportunities to go deeper 13 Essential Lessons From the Old Testament equips you to invite students on an exciting journey that increases their desire to go deeper with Jesus.