13 Essential Lessons From The New Testament

by ChurchOyster
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Bring the New Testament to life for students in a fresh way that ignites their passion for Jesus. Jesus’ ministry. Bold followers. Transformational parables. Give junior high and high school students an opportunity to explore the profound accounts of the New Testament. These 13 intentionally selected lessons capture the magnitude of Jesus’ words, the radical obedience of his followers, and other important teachings that will equip youth workers to guide students toward a faith-filled life. All 13 lessons include… • Brief overviews designed to help you prepare • Primary and secondary Scripture references • Open-ended questions for authentic discussions • Objectives to help drive home what, why, and how • Flexible guidelines with opportunities to go deeper 13 Essential Lessons From the New Testament provides an exciting overview that will build a strong biblical foundation for students to thrive in their relationship with Jesus.