100 Things To Know When Dating Pamphlet (Single)

by ChurchOyster
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Here are 100 topics to consider when you are interested in someone. This pamphlet cover topics such as character, responsibility, Christian faith, honesty, motivation, habits, addictions, and danger areas. Typical questions include: Does this person get along with other people in his or her family? Does this person seem to have a vital relationship with God or does he or she just say religious things? (1 John 2:3-6); Does he or she joke or brag about doing wrong things? (Proverbs 10:23); Does this person flirt with others or treat you with respect? (1 Cor. 13); Is he or she irritable, unforgiving, stubborn or looking for an opportunity to take revenge? (Matt. 5:38-39); Does he or she talk about past relationships often? Is their anything about him or her you would not want your parents or friends to know?