100 Days In The Secret Place

by ChurchOyster
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100 Days of Journeying Deeper Into God?s Presence...featuring Devotions by Christian Mystics: Miguel de Molinos, Jeanne Guyon and Francois FenelonBored with the exercises of religious ritualism and parched by the teaching of dry dogma, man searches for a way back home to the place of God?s presence. Unfortunately, this journey inward is a ?road less traveled? and too few have found the way.Gene Edwards, author of Divine Romance, has gathered together key writings from three notable Christian mystics from the seventeenth century: Miguel de Molinos, Madame Jeanne Guyon, and Francois Fenelon.Over the next 100 days, you will embark on a journey into the secret place by using this Christian mystic devotional. These pioneers of God?s presence will lead you into new depths of prayer and meditation as they give you a taste of the deep fellowship with God that is available for you today!Are you living in a drought of spiritual dryness?Are you lost in the depths of spiritual loneliness?Are you longing for a moment of spiritual reality?Then 100 Days in a Secret Place is your road back home to the place of His presence!