1 & 2 Samuel (LifeChange)

by ChurchOyster
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1 & 2 Samuel
Things look bleak for Israel: Military attacks threaten from the outside while
moral corruption destroys from within. But God will use three men to guide
the nation through these bad times and into the next stage of His plan.
The actions of Samuel, the prophet; Saul, the first king; and David, a man
after God�s own heart, remain powerful examples of what we should and
shouldn�t do as Christians.
By studying the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, your customers will learn about the
establishment of Israel�s monarchy, understand David�s rich spiritual legacy,
and see how God is always sovereign, both in history and in the lives of
� Presents each book�s historical context, structure, and meaning
� The newest study to the LIFECHANGE series
� Includes resource recommendations and a thorough �How to Use
This Study� section
� Features study aids for future reference
� Eight lessons, four for each book
� Prompts application of Scripture to the user�s daily life
� Includes helpful word origins and definitions