Share Jesus, Not the Germs

Communion is one of the most meaningful rituals of the church. People come together as a church body to remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, just as he advised. Older traditions called for sharing a common cup of wine to represent Jesus’ blood. These days, however, many people are concerned enough with good health and hygiene that the idea of drinking from a single communal cup seems a bit unsanitary. Fortunately, disposable communion cups make it convenient to serve individuals in your church family without worrying about the germ factor.

Are Germs That Significant?

It depends on who you ask, but most experts say that shared communion cups do not generally transmit germs any more than being in public places. However, many church communities call for extra precautions during cold and flu season or during viral outbreaks. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the average adult gets two to three colds each year, usually during the winter months. Because colds slow down your productivity and are generally unpleasant, many people try to avoid getting them. If you’re a little freaked out about the idea of sharing a communion cup, you’re definitely not alone.

How Disposable Communion Cups Can Help 

Mom always said to keep your hands to yourself. Part of that was for the sake of politeness, but part of it was also to prevent the spread of germs. Individual serving cups for communion juice or wine make it easier for everyone in your congregation to keep their germs from spreading. There’s also no worry about having to wash them for reuse, which makes for easy disposal. If you do want to reuse individual communion cups, you can — a cup washer makes this task even easier.

Prefilled Cups Further Cut the Risk and the Messprefilled communion cups

Messes are always a big concern, especially when you’re trying to prepare communion for hundreds of people. Several options make it easier to choose a neater way to distribute communion. Prefilled communion cups are one option, while other choices include squeezable, refillable communion cup fillers. These communion cup fillers simplify what is otherwise a time-consuming process. The plastic cup fillers are also dripless, which makes the whole process cleaner.

Is the Spiritual Element Lost?

While churches want to make the process of distributing communion juice and wafers easier and reduce the risk of spreading germs, it’s also important to remember the reason for the ritual. Churches aren’t trying to serve birthday party guests but rather to celebrate and honor the life of the Lord. The practice of observing communion, the Lord’s Supper, is to bring all believers into unity with each other. The significance of that shared experience isn’t found in the types of cups used but rather in the hearts and minds of those present.

It’s easy to see that the spiritual experience of holy communion is enhanced when your church’s congregation isn’t preoccupied with mundane matters like illness. Communion participants want to be able to honor the Lord with all their being and it’s important that every member of the church feels like he or she can freely participate.

Planning your communion service requires a bit of preparation to make sure your focus is in the right place, and prefilled and disposable communion cups can simplify the process.



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