New Product: Dripless Communion Cup Filler

ChurchOyster is excited to share a new product with our friends in ministry – the dripless communion cup filler! This product is designed to make the process of filling multiple small communion glasses less tedious. The dripless communion cup filler is a 16 ounce (500ml) squeeze bottle with measurement marks and a non-drip spout that can fill approximately 80-100 glasses before refilling.

dripless communion cup filler

For those of you who have taken the time to prepare the Lord’s Supper before a church service, you recognize that you must make time for the process of filling all the tiny glasses with juice/wine. It is time-consuming, and it can sometimes be messy. Prior to this new product, church supply stores have offered a different cup filler option. However, this is new product is even more effective. This is because the process has been simplified. After filling the bottle with the juice, the holder should squeeze lightly and slowly into each individual communion cup. Upon each use, the bottle should be washed in hot, soapy water. That’s it!

Another benefit of owning this product is that it has a dripless spout helping you to avoid the messiness of filling each individual cup from a bottle. If you have tried to fill communion cups without a spout, you understand that this can be a challenge. Avoid the timeliness and messiness by purchasing a dripless communion cup filler.

We are offering this new product on our website. Please see ( to purchase. Customers have the option of purchasing 1, 3 or 10 dripless communion cup fillers at a time. Currently, we are offering these products at sale prices, with even bigger discounts if you purchase in bulk. Purchase 1 for $11.03, 3 for $18.83 or 10 for $46.76. In addition, ChurchOyster always offers free shipping!

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