How Your Small Church Can Make a Big Impact

As a Christian, you understand the importance of reaching out to spread the word and love of God to your fellow community members. Though it's important to hold on to traditional means of outreach, times change. And with the changing times comes the need to update outreach to touch a broader audience. This can be especially challenging for a smaller church with a limited budget to spend on outreach programs. Read on to learn three simple and inexpensive ways your small church can make a big impact on its community.

1. Create a Kindness Program

A little can go a long way, and a kindness program can get these special little somethings to the people who need them most. A kindness program is an activity that involves creating a small token of affection or appreciation for a group of people. Examples of kindness programs your group could take on include:

  • Sending Christmas cards to veterans during one of the holiest of seasons
  • Delivering friendly postcards to seniors in a local nursing home in time for Easter, or just because
  • Creating hand-knit mittens and hats to donate to a shelter
  • Working together to make "blessing bags" — bags of thoughtful essentials to give to your community's homeless or others in need of the most basic things to get through life.

These are just a few ideas for kindness programs. Brainstorm with your men's, women's or children's group to see what new and exciting things you can come up with to benefit your community.

2. Increase Frequency of Youth Programs

Youth programs reach the members of the community who most require attention: the kids. Many churches offer Sunday school programs and a summer Vacation Bible School. Consider some of these kid-friendly events to increase your notoriety as a child's connection to God and bring your mission to the youngest believers:

  • Winter VBS during school vacation
  • A fundraising carnival or fair filled with fun activities
  • Children's weekly bible study

3. Participate in Community-Based Activities

Existing community events are a great resource for getting the word out about your church and its mission. Local festivals and parades are prime places to hand out flyers, treats and trinkets with your church's message in mind. What better time to reach the greater community than when everyone is gathered together to have a good time? You can participate by:

  • Setting up a booth at a local festival or event to showcase one or more of your valuable ministry programs
  • Promoting and run a drive for the essential items needed at your local food bank
  • Getting together a group of your most active and enthusiastic members to march in a local parade or collaborate on a float. Marchers can hand out small bags of candy with a quote from scripture and a worship and event schedule for parade goers to take home with them.

No matter the size of your church, your congregation can impact the surrounding communities in a positive way. Community outreach allows the love of Christ to come through you and bestows many small blessings onto your neighbors. Coming up with new ideas for kindness programs, brainstorming exciting youth programs and participating in events with the broader community can be lots of fun. Even on a small budget, your church group can be the change you wish to see in the world.

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