Benefits of Pre-Filled Juice & Wafer Communion Sets

Communion is an important aspect of regular services of many churches, as well as ministries that occur outside of the main church building or campus. Holding a communion service requires additional planning and preparation on the part of church staff, who already have multiple responsibilities in their ministries. Pre-filled juice and water communion sets make this church practice easier for churches and ministers to implement by saving preparation time, requiring fewer staff members, and being easy to transport to off-site ministries.

Preparation Time

One of the most challenging aspects of observing communion in a church service or other ministry setting is the preparation. Wafers must be distributed to the serving plates, and juice must be poured into the individual communion cups before being placed into their special serving plates. Especially with larger congregations or ministries, this can be a very time-consuming process, requiring staff members to plan ahead for the extra preparation. This generally means that church ministers and staff must arrive well before scheduled services to ensure the elements are ready for serving during communion.

With pre-filled juice and wafer sets, preparation for communion is all but complete when the elements arrive. All of the extra work of dividing up wafers for serving and filling the individual communion cups with juice is eliminated. Not only do these two-in-one sets make preparation time significantly shorter, but they also free up that time for church staff to dedicate to other aspects of ministries. Instead of preparing for communion, these individuals can spend more time in fellowship and ministering to church members, as well as serving in other ministries.

Smaller Staff

Smaller churches face another issue when it comes to implementing communion in their services. A smaller church generally means a smaller staff size — fewer people to plan for and prepare all of the church’s ministries, including the observance of communion. Already prepared juice and wafer sets make this ministry far more feasible for smaller congregations. Not only do they take less time to prepare, but they also take less time to serve, as serving once gives church members both the wafer and the juice to complete communion — instead of serving each element separately. This allows fewer staff members to serve communion to their congregation or ministry group without feeling rushed.

Off-Site Ministries

Many who cannot attend church services in person would like to be able to participate in communion, but traditional communion can be hard for ministry teams to provide to them. This can include shut-ins, church members living in nursing homes or rehabilitation centers, and even those in prison. Transporting prepared communion elements, or preparing these elements at a location outside of the church, can be next to impossible. Pre-filled juice and wafer sets make providing a communion service at homes, nursing homes, prisons and even camps much more feasible. They are both easier to transport and more practical to serve to a smaller group, or even with a few individuals. This allows church and other ministry staff members to provide communion to people who otherwise would be unable to participate.

Overall, pre-filled juice and wafer sets bring more flexibility to communion observances at churches and outside ministries. They can save staff member time in both preparing the elements for communion and serving them to church members, and can also make it easier to serve communion in ministries outside of the church, including nursing homes, prisons and camps. These convenient two-in-one sets can make this church observance work more smoothly, allowing ministers and staff members to dedicate more time to other church ministries.

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