3 Awesomely Unconventional Church Fundraising Ideas

In an age in which it is more imperative than ever to expand the reach of the church, finding unconventional ways to garner support and raise funds is vital. Are you looking for some great ways to raise funds for your religious group? Keep reading!

Pop-Up Thrift Shops and Estate Parties
Who doesn’t love to shop for bargains and look fabulous? By having estate parties or pop-up thrift shops, you can help people not only get rid of unwanted clothing and accessories, but also help others find inexpensive clothing for sale while making a ton of cash for your church in the process. In order to organize this event, simply post a sign-up sheet for interested sellers, invite people to the sale, and keep all or some of the proceeds for the church. This is a great event for mixing, mingling and, of course, shopping and thrifting.

Movie Night
Hosting a movie night at your church is also a great way to raise funds. By charging a small entrance fee for a family-friendly (and hopefully religious-themed) film, you can raise a good amount of money in a short period of time. You can also set up a concession stand and charge for things such as juice, popcorn and candy. This is another great event for socializing, and your church will make a decent amount of cash as long as it is promoted properly.

Dance Parties
Lastly, who said church people don’t dance? If you are looking for a great way to draw in the youth and raise some funds to boot, a dance party is an excellent option. Simply select a DJ that is friendly to the religious circuit, decorate a large room for a party and set up that concession stand. This will be a great event to help keep kids off the streets, and, if successful, could become a regular source of revenue for your church.

Overall, finding unconventional ways to raise funds for churches is not as hard as it seems. Either try a couple of these or invent a few of your own. Game nights, laser tag, bowling nights and other pastimes are all excellent activities that can be turned into great fundraisers for the church. Just be sure to think outside of the box and provide options that are fun and refreshing.
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