3 Awe-Inspiring Holiday Altars for this Christmas

Transform your parish during the holidays with some simple suggestions to make your altar festive and meaningful. Enlist the help of parishioners to maintain a well-lit and beautifully arranged display that spreads holiday cheer and Christmas spirit.

Consider these 3 awe-inspiring holiday altars:

1. Abundant Blooms

Create a gorgeous floral display using potted poinsettias and plenty of warm candlelight. Surround your altar with simple and vibrant plants, and line the pulpit with church candles. This creates a festive focal point for holiday services, and the plants can be re-purposed at New Year luncheons or later given to parishioners as gifts.

2. Nature’s Bounty

Another beautiful way to adorn an altar during the holiday season is by using nature’s own bounty — fruit, vegetables, nuts, gourds, squash and loaves of bread. Assemble your display, nesting simple white pillar candles into your edible ensemble. This is also a fitting tribute to the nativity and mankind’s first Christmas.

3. Memorial Reflections

Turn your traditional altar into a memorial for your congregation’s loved ones. Use simple white or ivory pillars, placed on top of mirrored tile arranged in rows. Ask parishioners to light a candle for their own loved one during holiday services, or ask church members to donate a certain amount and dedicate a candle to the sponsor’s loved one. When illuminated, the sight is quite spectacular and a lovely tribute to those who have passed.

Choose an altar and display idea that makes sense for the message and meaning of the season. To make things simple, subscription orders are available for candles, ensuring you don’t run low when you need them most. This is an added convenience for church staff and parishioners who make these displays a prominent element of daily worship during the holiday season.

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